Girls Can Code!


This week has been one of the most memorable. I have graduated from high school and and also my girls graduated from a 9 month long coding training.

What is the 9 month long training? Well, there is a project called ‘Girls Can Code’ or GCC in short, it is an initiative by the US Embassy to empower and inspire young girls to increase their performance and  pursue  STEM education. The project included 40 girls from public and governmental schools in Addis Ababa.

I had a chance to be a trainer/mentor for these girls. We have thought them basic computer skills, the usage of different software, introduction to the internet, web & app development. And there final projects have shown as the 9 month long training has helped them be equipped with the essential coding and computer skills.

The projects done by the students by the help of their mentors were interesting. The groups were the Sabawiyan, Nubiwian, Etege & Abyssinia. There names themselves signify the importance they have given to their country, culture and community.

The Sabawiyan’s project which I had the opportunity to mentor prepared a site where students can practice the previous National examinations like SAT prep sites would do. It makes previous exams available for students so that they can access it anywhere, anytime.

The Nubiwian’s project called ‘FANO’ which gives field tips for students based on the answers you give from the questions provided. From the answers the user is given options on which field of learning they should consider while entering universities.

The Etegians made a social networking site which you can change assigned universities with others. Here in Ethiopia you are assigned in a field or university based on your results from the national university leaving examination. But still you can change universities with another person’s assigned university if they are interested. So instead of posting advertisements here and there people can get online and exchange infos about where you want to go.

And lastly the Abyssinian’s have developed their project on the tourism sector. Afrotours helps tourist connect with licensed guiders and also freelancers found in the area with all necessary information provided.

This GCC project was a pilot  and it will continue to expand to Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Jimma, Mekelle and Addis Ababa in the next academic year. The girls have came from a background with no computer training or any clue about coding yet now they can develop their own applications. Girls you have made me proud and I hope your efforts inspire others too.I would  love to thank my awesome colleges and Emnetye for making this a success  also thanks to the Second Lady of the United States, Dr Biden for making out graduation ceremony memorable. You can check out the broadcast of EBC

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